About Us

Superstar Cycle Center has grown from a small after work hobby 17 years ago in Tipton, Missouri into the huge preowned Kansas City super store that it is now. The owner, Shannon grew up loving motorcycles. It started as an 8 year old child with a 1981 Yamaha 50cc Champ and gradually evolved through the years. Shannon has owned many motorcycles including two turbocharged Hayabusas.....one producing 509 hp and the other making 632 hp......both bikes were raced in many 1/4 mile street tire events around the country. The love of motorcycle racing and riding led to a passion that started to fuel the buying and selling of a few different bikes from time to time.

In 2001 Shannon started selling around 10-15 bikes a year out of a dirt floor shop rented on a residential side street in Tipton, Missouri. At that time it was a source of some extra spending money and was conducted while working a full time job. Over time the volume began to grow and it looked like the hobby could become a profession. In October of 2004 Shannon decided to leave his full time job of 6 years and move his motorcycle operation to a building located on highway 50 in Tipton, Missouri and take shot at selling motorcycles full time.

Pre-Owned Motorcycles - Overland Park, KansasThat October the doors went open with an inventory of 8 motorcycles. Shannon made sure to always offer his customers straight forward, no hassle and professional service......(which is something the motorcycle industry sometimes lacks). This style of business is what made the store a success, the steady increase in happy customers led to an inventory that started growing every year. Over time it evolved into an inventory of 250 bikes during the winter months. It soon became one of the largest preowned motorcycle stores in the midwest.

By 2015 it appeared that the business needed to be moved to a more populated area to continue to grow, the decision was made to move it to the Kansas City area. On February 1, 2016 the location in Independence, Missouri was opened up on Hwy 40. Superstar Cycle Center quickly established itself as the largest independent motorcycle shop in Kansas City with a strong customer following.

At Superstar Cycle Center , they know the secret to obtaining and keeping customers.

Used Motorcycles - Raytown, Missouri

The huge inventory of late model motorcycles marked at unheard of prices doesn't hurt anything but what really counts is the way the customers are treated. At Superstar Cycle Center you are always treated with respect and courtesy. Although the shop has grown into a large operation it has never lost its small shop way of doing business. Superstar Cycle Center wants all of its customers to be informed, comfortable and happy with their experience. This has been the winning formula since day one, and the results from that philosophy speak for themselves. Please take the time to review our testimonials on our website, google and facebook. And if you would like to experience what everyone else is talking about, then you need to go straight to Superstar Cycle Center where you will know first hand how great customer service feels.